I am a COVID-19 patient, What should I do?

If you have tested positive for Coronavirus, what should you do?

If you have tested positive for Coronavirus, the most important thing to remember is – DO NOT PANIC. You are not alone in this.

The Delhi government’s team of doctors will reach out to you on phone or through a home visit within the next 24 hours.

However, if you have not yet been contacted, please call the Delhi government’s 1031 Helpline to get medical advice and information on the next steps.

If your symptoms are mild

If you are experiencing mild symptoms like a mild cough or mild fever, then your treatment can happen in the comfort of your home.

Please find all information on Home Isolation by clicking on this link — https://delhifightscorona.in/hi/home-isolation

If your symptoms are severe and you are experiencing shortness of breath

If your symptoms are severe and you are short of breath, then you should get yourself hospitalized after consulting with a doctor. Immediate medical attention may be required for patients who already have co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, kidney or liver, or if the patient is pregnant or over 65 years of age. You can also call for an ambulance by calling 102.

To find the status of beds in hospitals, download the Delhi Corona App now. Click here: www.bit.do/DelhiCorona

This information is also available on www.delhifightscorona.in/beds

The Delhi Corona App claims beds are available, but the hospital is denying admission. What should I do?

If a hospital is wrongfully denying admission to you despite the Delhi Corona App showing beds are available, call Delhi government’s 1031 helpline immediately.

It is important to note that hospitalisation protocol requires that patients be admitted for Corona only when the hospital deems it necessary. Remember, there is no treatment for most symptoms of Corona.

In fact, the only symptom of the virus that may result in death is breathlessness due to low oxygen saturation. In such cases, the patient’s life can be saved by putting them on oxygen support. If a patient has co-morbidities, then those may require intensive care in a hospital. But if you have milder symptoms, then it is advisable to remain in home isolation.