Statement of Hon’ble Health Minister Mr Satyendar Jain

NEW DELHI: May 8, 2020

There are 5,980 COVID-19 cases in Delhi right now, yesterday  (7th May) 448 new coronavirus cases were registered and 389 patients recovered after treatment. The total number of patients that have recovered in the state now stands at 1,931. Among those undergoing treatment, 87 people are in ICU and 13 are on ventilators, said Jain. It is till now the highest one day spike in Delhi.

People from Tablighi Jamaat are being released on orders, foreigners related to Jamaat will be handled by the Ministry of External Affairs.

A COVID-19 care centre with nearly 400 beds will start in the next 2-3 days at Burari.

The Delhi government has ordered all test reports to be given within 24 hours, otherwise, the labs cannot conduct testing. If due to any reason, there is a delay, action will be taken against them after 48 hours. This has happened as some labs were taking 10-15 days for testing of samples.

Construction work has been allowed in Delhi, and it will take time to start again. For construction workers, the employers should make their stay arrangements at their respective sites.

There is no question of hiding any data by the Delhi government because if someone tests positive, it should not be hidden. Once the reports come, the hospitals have to inform the government. Across the world, we are witnessing that the frontline workers are more vulnerable to this infection but in Delhi, the situation is better.

We have launched the e-token service for liquors from yesterday and there are some issues with the site which are being worked out.

Commenting on AIIMS-Delhi Director Dr Randeep Guleria’s prediction that India’s COVID-19 cases are increasing, and it is likely that peak can come in June and July, the Minister said, “All these predictions are made by doctors and scientists. Earlier also cases were predicted, but the cases are lesser than what we predicted. If they say that COVID-19 cases will reach their peak in June, it might happen, patterns of other countries are also similar.”