Statement of Hon’ble Health Minister Mr Satyendar Jain

New Delhi, May 15, 2020
In Delhi Cancer Institute there were some technical issues but we have ensured all the officials will get the salary. 
We have received various suggestions from the residents of Delhi and based on those we have sent our suggestions to the central government regarding the relaxation of the lockdown. The key suggestions from the people are that every person should wear mask at the public places and social distancing should be maintained all the time. People have also suggested that public transportation should start for example buses and metros with limited capacity. 
I want to repeat that in the last two months we have learned various lessons from the COVID-19. If we wear mask, maintain social distancing and wash hands regularly then people will be 90-95% safer. 
Regarding malls, people have suggested that in the limited capacity of either 25% or 50% the malls of the city should be opened. They have also suggested that the markets should be opened following either odd-even rules or only three days a week. 
There was a time when we all thought that this pandemic will be over by May 1 due to summer. But now we have seen that in the Latin American countries also the pandemic is increasing. The temperature of these countries is very high. This shows that we have to learn to live with COVID-19. 
Yesterday in India the growth rate of COVID was 5% and earlier there was a time when the growth rate was 20%. I believe that the numbers should be seen in terms of the percentage increase. 
The Delhi government believes that there should be a balance between the fight against COVID and economic activities. We are fighting against the COVID-19 with full effort but now we have to start the economic activities, therefore, the measures should be followed. When the lockdown was imposed at that time we were not prepared to fight this pandemic but now we have prepared ourself to fight this pandemic.
Some of the cases are coming from the containment zones and some cases are coming from outside the containment zones.
Regarding the issue of the migrant labourers, I will say that there are two kinds of situation. One is the migrant labourers of Delhi and second is the migrant labourer of other states who are passing through Delhi. For the migrants, the government has arranged stay and food across Delhi. Any such person you meet can be sent to the nearby shelter of the Delhi government. We are providing lunch and dinner to nearly 10 lakh poor people every day.