Mark Antony Movie Review, Cast, IMDB Rating , Total Budget & Storyline

Mark Antony is a stylish and entertaining action-comedy film starring Vishal and SJ Suryah. The film tells the story of Mark Antony, a small-time crook who dreams of becoming a big-time gangster. He gets his chance when he meets a powerful gangster named Aadithyan, who takes him under his wing and trains him to become … Read more

Gen V on Prime Video, Trailer, Cast – Everything you Need to know

Gen V, a spin-off of the critically acclaimed superhero series The Boys, exists within the same universe and introduces a new generation of superheroes navigating the ruthless world of Vought International, the corporation that owns and markets them. The exact release time of Gen V on Prime Video will be September 28, 3 PM (US … Read more