COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Request Form

The Delhi government has launched the country’s first plasma bank. If you are a family member or caretaker of Covid-19 patient who needs/has been prescribed Plasma, then please use the form below to request for plasma

You CAN request plasma if:

  1. A patient positive for COVID-19 has been prescribed for Plasma by the attending doctor, patient may be of any age group
  2. You already have a replacement donor or not – if you have a donor then we will facilitate their donation of Plasma

How will the Delhi government facilitate Plasma for recipients​?

  1. We will match the plasma required based on donor’s blood group with that required for the recipient (patient)
  2. We will arrange for Plasma for the patient from the nearest Delhi Government Authorized Plasma Bank
  3. We will inform you when and where to go collect the same
  4. We will facilitate the Plasma donation for the replacement donor whom you have identified (if any)

Delhi Plasma Request Form

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