More than 5 lakh suggestions received in 24 hours on lockdown relaxations in Delhi post-May 17

  • All the suggestions received by the government will be discussed in the State Disaster Management Authority meeting with the LG today at 4 PM: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • We will prepare our proposal based on people’s suggestions post our discussion with the Hon’ble LG and send it to central government: CM Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that his appeal to the people for lockdown relaxations in Delhi post May 17 has received an overwhelming response. More than 5 lakh responses have been received on WhatsApp, e-mails, and calls in just 24 hours. He also said that responses were received on various sections, such as transport, industries, businesses, etc. He also said all the suggestions given by the people of Delhi will be discussed in the meeting with the LG today at 4 PM.

Addressing a digital press conference today, “Two days back, I had asked for suggestions from the people on the lockdown relaxations in Delhi post May 17. I had asked whether the lockdown should be extended or lifted, and the extent to which the relaxations can be given. On Monday, the Hon’ble PM had held a meeting with the Chief Ministers of all the states and had asked all the CMs to send suggestions to the PMO before May 15 on the level of lockdown relaxations in their states. We are going to send our suggestions today.”

“Based on the suggestions received by all the states, the Central government will decide on the lockdown relaxations at various locations. But, suggestions on such an important decision cannot be drafted inside an air-conditioned office. People from all walks of life including citizens, doctors, and experts must be included. Hence, I decided to appeal to the people to send in their suggestions for the same in the next 24 hours, which was till 5 PM yesterday. In only 24 hours, we received more than 5 lakh responses, including around 4,75,000 messages on WhatsApp, 10,700 e-mails, and 49,000 calls,” he added.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government team has received very effective and creative suggestions. He said, “I want to quote some of them here to put forward the views of the people on whether schools, colleges, and other educational institutions should open. Maximum people have suggested that educational institutions shall remain closed until after the summer break.”

CM Arvind Kejriwal quoted some of the suggestions in the digital press briefing. Maximum people have suggested that hotels should not resume their facilities for now, but restaurants must open barring the dine-in arrangements and take-away or home-delivery of food must resume. Maximum have also suggested that barbershops and hair salons must not resume due to the high risk of contact. In the same way, cinema halls and swimming pools, and other such gathering places must not open for now.

“A lot of people have also asked the logic and explanation behind not going out after 7 PM, as they are of the view that the timeline should be relaxed. However, every suggestion that I saw says that senior citizens and people with other serious ailments, such as heart problems, asthma, diabetes, cancer, are exposed to higher risk and should stay indoors, including children below 10 years of age and pregnant women. Everyone has suggested that proper social distancing must be ensured, and strict fines must be imposed on those not wearing masks. People have suggested the opening of parks for increasing immunity,” he said.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that many people have given their suggestions for the resumption of transport services, including auto-rickshaws and taxis, with only one passenger allowed in autos and two passengers in taxis and disinfection of these vehicles after each ride. A majority of people are in favor of the resumption of bus services, but with strict social distancing norms in place and not more than 25 people traveling on a single bus because not every person owns a private vehicle to get to their offices, which were opened during lockdown phase 3. People have also suggested that metros should be open in a limited manner.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Many market associations have also given us suggestions, with a majority of associations suggesting that market places and complexes should open based on Odd-Even rules. Some people have suggested that even malls should be allowed to resume, with only 1/3rd or limited shops allowed to operate.”

“We have also received suggestions from and video conferences were also held with industry associations. They have suggested the complete resumption of industries and arrangements for employing labourers living in nearby areas in Delhi. No activities in the containment zones must be allowed,” he added.

CM Kejriwal said, “The nation went into a lockdown one and a half months back on 24th March. It was easy to put the country and Delhi into lockdown, but lifting the lockdown and reviving the economy will be much more difficult.”

CM Kejriwal said that all the suggestions received by the government will be discussed in the State Disaster Management Authority meeting with the LG today at 4 PM. “All the suggestions given by the people of Delhi will be discussed in the meeting today at 4 PM. Post that, we will prepare our proposal based on your suggestions and send it to the central government,” he added.

CM Kejriwal said, “The Disaster Management Act allows the central government to give directions to the state governments on its operations. Based on what the central government decides, various activities will be resumed in Delhi from Monday. Please follow social distancing, wear masks, and please take care of senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with co-morbidities.”