Jio AirFiber 5G Launch Date In India, Device Price, Plans & Availability

Jio AirFiber 5G is a new product from Reliance Jio that will be available by the 30th August 2023. It’s a super fast Wifi network using the latest 5G technology. With Jio AirFiber 5G, you can enjoy high-speed internet, quick downloads, and great streaming. It comes with a router that looks like a pyramid. There’s also another device that gets installed in your home and has a Jio 5G Sim. This sim connects to a nearby 5G tower to give you data access. Once it’s available you can buy it from official website at

Jio Air Fiber 5G

Jio AirFiber 5G Internet: Highlights

Device Jio AirFiber 5G
ManufacturerReliance Jio
Manufacture Year2023 
Launch Date By the end of November 2023
Networks Offered 5G Internet
Technology UsedInbuilt Wifi technology
PriceAround Rs 6,000
Plan OfferedMultiple Plans

Jio AirFiber 5G

The new things from Reliance Jio have really made a big difference in how phones and the internet work in India. They made a special kind of internet called 5G that’s the first of its kind in India. The Jio AirFiber internet is not only good but also doesn’t cost a lot, which is better than what other companies offer. Because it’s affordable, many people switched from their old internet to Jio’s. Reliance Jio saw that many people have trouble with bad internet at work and home, so they made the Jio AirFiber 5G wifi to fix that.

The Jio AirFiber has various parts in its network system. It mainly includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit catches the signal from the access point and sends it to the indoor unit. Wires and cables are used to connect these two units. The Jio AirFiber device has different types of ports, like LAN and WAN Ports. You can find the username and password on the back of the Jio AirFiber device. To prevent it from getting too hot, there are several vents at the bottom of the device.

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Jio AirFiber 5G Launch Date in India

The exact date when Reliance Jio will officially release Jio AirFiber is not known yet. It’s expected to come out in the next few months. People who want to get Jio AirFiber can buy it on the official website after it’s launched. There will be many different plans to choose from, so customers can pick what suits their budget and needs.

Jio AirFiber 5G has some exciting offers. You can try it for free for a certain period to see if you like it. After that, you’ll need to pay based on the plan you choose. Installing Jio AirFiber is free, and there are also some cashback deals available.

Jio AirFiber 5G Device Price in India

The newest and most advanced wifi system from Jio is called the Jio AirFiber 5G device. It’s expected to cost about Rs 6,000, but Jio hasn’t confirmed the exact price yet. It will probably be somewhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,000, which includes all the costs. When you buy the device, there’s also a security deposit included. This means if you decide to stop using it, you can return it to Jio and get your money back.

Jio AirFiber 5G Plans

The Jio AirFiber 5G device provides choices for both postpaid and prepaid plans to suit customers’ needs. These plans are priced similarly or higher than regular Jio Fiber Plans. For postpaid, prices start at Rs 599 and go up to Rs 8499, offering unlimited data at speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Prepaid plans start at Rs 399 and go up to Rs 8499, providing different rates and unlimited data similar to postpaid. Unlike other providers who charge more, Jio offers the lowest prices for 5G, ensuring affordable and reliable internet connectivity.

Steps to Book Jio Air Fiber 5G

If you want to buy or get the Jio AirFiber 5G connection, here’s how:

  1. Go to the official website:
  2. Type in your area code to see if Jio is available where you live.
  3. Look for the link to Jio AirFiber.
  4. Sign up and give them the papers they need.
  5. Pay for the plan you want after signing up.
  6. Once you pay, a Jio expert will come to your place and put in the Jio Air Fiber thing.
  7. The thing will start working after they’re done.

Jio AirFiber 5G Availability

To book the new Jio AirFiber device, you should first check the availability of 5G Jio Service works where you are. Go to the official website,, and enter your location’s pin code. The website will tell you if the service is available there. Make sure you enter the right pin code, as the website won’t give accurate results for the wrong one. It’s important to check because some places in India don’t have Jio Services yet. So, before you book the Jio AirFiber 5G device, see if the network works where you are.

Jio Air Fiber 5G FAQs

What is Jio AirFiber?

It provides super fast internet without using wires. You only need to plug it in and turn it on. Then, you’ll have a Wi-Fi hotspot at home with very fast internet using True 5G technology.

How is Jio AirFiber different from Jio Fiber?

Jio Fiber uses cables for internet and Jio AirFiber uses radio links without wires to connect homes and workplaces to the Jio network.

Does the Jio AirFiber device have a free trial?

Yes, it does. You can try the Jio Air Fiber 5G device for a certain period without paying for any plans. You won’t need to make any payments during this trial period.

Is Jio Air Fiber’s internet fast?

Yes, it’s expected to have high-speed internet. Once it’s available, users can use the fast internet services.

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