I want to request the recovered Corona patients, please come forward and donate plasma: CM Arvind Kejriwal

  • The cases in Delhi have reached one lakh, but there is no need to panic; the recovery rate is 72%: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • There are a total of 15000 beds for Corona patients, out of which only 5100 beds are occupied. It was 6200 last week: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • All people coming forward to donate plasma and save lives are our heroes, they should be honoured with respect: CM Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that the recovery rate of Delhi has gone up to 72%, and more and more people are recovering from COVID-19 on a daily basis. There has been a considerable dip in the positivity ratio and the death rate in Delhi. He also said that the plasma bank set-up by the Delhi govt has yielded positive results and has eased out the complications faced by people earlier to obtain plasma for treatment. Indicating that the demand for plasma is more than its supply, the CM also appealed to the cured COVID-19 patients to donate plasma to treat those infected with the virus.

Addressing an online press briefing in Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “In the last three months, the total number of Corona patients in Delhi has reached approximately 1 lakh. But there is no need to worry or panic because out of these one lakh people, 72000 cases have recovered. The recovery rate in Delhi has gone up to 72%, which is a huge figure. There has been a considerable improvement in the condition of Corona in Delhi. In the month of June, around 35 out of 100 people were found to be positive when tests were conducted. Now, only 11 out of 100 people are found to be positive. There has been an improvement in the positivity ratio in Delhi.”

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that in Delhi, around 20000-24000 tests are conducted on a daily basis. There are a total of 15000 beds for Corona patients, out of which only 5100 beds are occupied, which means that there are only 5100 patients in all the hospitals in Delhi. Last week, there were 6200 Corona patients admitted to the hospitals in Delhi. The number of patients admitted to the hospitals has gone down and patients are recovering and returning to their homes. “They are not facing any hassles in either testing or beds. They can check the availability of beds in the hospitals on the DelhiCorona App,” he added.

“There are 25000 active Corona cases in the city, out of which 15000 patients are recovering at their homes. The Home Isolation program of the Delhi govt, which includes taking care of the Corona patients and send oximeters at their homes, has been very successful. Patients are recovering at their own homes. The death rate has also declined by half, there was a time when the death figure in a single day would be 125. Now, they have gone down to 60-65. We have to work to reduce it further,” said the CM.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that plasma therapy has yielded encouraging results in the treatment of Corona patients. He said, “We had started the country’s first Corona plasma bank. Until the vaccine to Corona comes, there is no treatment of Corona. We conducted plasma therapy trials, the results of the trials have shown that plasma therapy can help moderate patients improve significantly and control the death rate due to Corona.”

“There was a chaos until now and people who wanted plasma were running from pillar to post as they did not go where to go. The situation has improved and people are now getting plasma through the plasma bank set up at the ILBS Hospital. Last week, since this plasma bank was started last Wednesday, there is a mismatch between the demand for plasma which is huge and the supply of plasma which is less. Because the number of people who require plasma is more than the number of people who are donating plasma, the plasma that is currently in stock with the bank will be over. I want to request the people of Delhi to come forward in more numbers and donate their plasma. There is no need to worry at all, you will not experience any pain, no weakness, and your transportation will be arranged by us. Some people have been worrying about the fact that they have to go back to a Corona hospital and they might get infected again. We have set-up the plasma bank in ILBS hospital, which is a non-COVID hospital. There are no Corona patients there and you will not be infected,” added the CM.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that a team of doctors who are calling the recovered patients and appealing to them to donate plasma. He said, “If you receive any such call, please do not deny, please say yes. I want to also request all the hospitals that whenever they discharge a recovered Corona patient from their hospitals, please hold a counseling session with them for a few minutes, so that they are motivated to donate plasma after 14 days of the recovery. In the last few days, many people have donated plasma, and they are doing selfless service to the society. I spoke to some of the people yesterday who have recovered from Corona. I was very happy to see the response that I got from the people, everyone is ready to donate plasma.”

CM Arvind Kejriwal played audio of his conversation with Ravinder and Karan, who had recently recovered from Corona. 43-year-old Ravinder was tested positive in May and told the CM how he himself came forward to donate plasma and has fixed an appointment of plasma donation on Thursday. Karan, 37, had been recovered for more than a month and was admitted to Max hospital for Corona treatment. CM requested him to donate plasma for saving the lives of the patients who are currently infected by the virus. Karan instantly agreed to donate plasma and the CM said that all transportation will be arranged for Karan. The CM also said that he spoke to many such people, and narrated one conversation wherein 6 people had been infected, have recovered now and have pledged to donate plasma as soon as they complete 14 days of their recovery process.

“All these people are our heroes. They are doing a selfless job by agreeing to donate plasma. They could have just returned to their homes and not care about current patients. But they are coming forward to save lives. All such people are the hopes of me and the people of Delhi. I want to request people to honour them with respect and gratitude. I want to request the RWAs especially, that all these people must be lauded in front of the whole society,” added the CM.