Home Isolation patients are recovering easily from Corona

  • A team appointed by CM Arvind Kejriwal monitoring each patient personally
  • 80 percent of people with symptoms or minor symptoms can be treated at the comfort of their homes, no need for hospitalization
  • Proper guidelines on hygiene maintenance and nutritious diet communicated to the patients under home isolation
  • Patients under home isolation received calls from CM Kejriwal’s team twice a day, home visits were conducted whenever required

New Delhi: People who have been in home isolation under the protocol laid down by the Delhi government said the Delhi government has been taking complete care of them during the whole process. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s team calls at least twice a day to monitor the health of the patients. Under the Home Isolation protocol of the Delhi government, Corona positive patients who are asymptomatic or show mild symptoms are advised to stay in home isolation. Special directives have been issued for the patients, attendants, and family members of the Corona positive patients which are conveyed to them time and again. The home isolation period is normally 17 days, but will also depend on how strictly a patient adheres to the guidelines of the home isolation as issued by the Delhi government.

Accounts of some patients who have recovered by staying in home isolation:

Nutritious and fresh advised every day, no medicine intake was required – Mohammad Raza

Mohammad Raza said that a team had come to investigate from the hospital in his neighborhood when the corona cases escalated. He also gave his sample for investigation. Two days later, the report came and he was tested positive. However, he did not have any fever, cough, cold, or any other symptoms. Nevertheless, when the report was positive, he and his family were terrified, but the doctors explained to him the whole process of home isolation. Under the home isolation procedure, he was required to separate himself from his family at home and isolate himself in a separate well-ventilated room, with a separate toilet and a separate utensil. “I was advised the intake of 1.5 liters of hot water and 4 to 5 liters of normal water. A diet chart was also prepared for my intake of vegetables and fruits. I stayed in home isolation for about 20 days,” he added.

Delhi government health team was monitoring my health every day- Himanshu Anand

Himanshu Anand, who lived in home isolation, says the health of a person living in his neighbourhood had deteriorated. On 16th April, he went to the hospital. His test report turned out to be corona positive. After that, Himanshu was also examined and turned out to be Corona positive. “I did not feel any symptoms of Corona. When the report was positive, I was asked to stay in home isolation. I separated myself from my family for 18 days. My wife would give me food from outside the room. I cleaned my utensils after eating. Meanwhile, the Delhi government’s healthcare team spoke to me 2 to 5 times a day and gathered all necessary health-related information. The team members repeatedly told me to share all information in case of any issues, so that I can be hospitalized in case of any emergency. However, such a situation did not arise.”

Himanshu said the Delhi government team took complete care of him. Because of the Delhi government’s work, he never feared or imagined any worse situation. Now he has absolutely recovered and out of home isolation.

Was advised to always wear masks and gloves during home isolation- Nadeem

Nadeem, who is living in Paharganj, says he is out of home isolation from May 10. He stayed in home isolation for about 20 days. Nadeem said, “When I was declared Corona positive, I separated myself in a room in my house as per the directions of the Delhi government health team. The team under the supervision of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called me at least twice a day and asked me about my health. I was asked to follow a protein-rich diet. I was given a mobile number so that I could contact them if needed. I never came in contact with the family during home isolation. The family people were also instructed to follow all precautions and repeatedly clean their hands from the sanitizer. In addition, I always wore masks on the mouth by wearing masks in hand. I got recovered after about 20 days of being in home isolation.”

The doctors also used to take regular followups on my health and whether I was facing any issues – Mithilesh

Mithilesh has recently recovered from Corona as under the home isolation protocol laid down by the Delhi government. “The doctors and the health team used to guide me regularly on the safety and on how to maintain hygiene. The doctors also used to take regular followups on my health and whether I was facing any issues,” said Mithilesh.

He said, “I was advised to follow a nutritious diet, and certain medications just in case my health deteriorated. I was constantly told to eat hot food and drink hot water. They told me to intake a protein-rich diet for breakfast. My attendant was also following all the norms of social distancing and wearing all necessary protective equipment. He also used to ensure that I use masks, sanitizers, and PPE regularly.”

The Kejriwal government has taken care of me, has provided me with ration and all basic necessities while I was in home isolation – Rakesh Kumar Prajapati

22-year-old Rakesh Kumar Prajapat has been working as a private guard in the South Block of the Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi. He was tested positive for Corona on 3rd May after which he was advised home isolation by the health department of the Delhi government for 21 days.

Sharing his experience of the home isolation process, Rakesh said, “After I was advised home isolation, the medical team of the Delhi government was in regular contact with me. The doctor advised me to drink normal water, stay separate from my family members, and use a separate toilet for myself. On the advice of the doctors and the medical team, I have now recovered from Corona.”

“I used to get daily calls from the team on how I was doing and to monitor my health. Because I had no symptoms, they visited me a few times to check my body temperature. Subsequently, my body temperature reduced and I got recovered. The Kejriwal government has taken complete care of me, has provided me with ration and all basic necessities. I want to thank them for their assistance,” he added.

It is my duty to spread how effective Delhi govt’s home isolation is for the treatment of Corona – Meena (Asha Worker)

Meena is an ASHA worker and a COVID warrior, who was tested positive on May 3 for Corona while serving the people during the lockdown. She is thankful to the Delhi government for providing complete assistance during the home isolation process. She said, “I used to get regular calls from the CM’s health team two times a day, wherein they asked questions for any symptoms and my well-being. Regular guidelines on hygiene and home isolation were given to me. I was provided with speedy assistance on the part of the Delhi government.”

“Since I am an ASHA worker, it is my duty to spread how effective home isolation is for the treatment of Corona. I have been through the virus and I have recovered now, but I want to tell the people that you do not need to panic even if you are infected. You may most likely be asymptomatic and can be treated at your home. Since the virus has no vaccine yet, it is best to follow the home isolation protocol in case of mild or no symptoms, which is much safer. I will resume my duty once I am completely recovered,” she added.