Editorial Policy

At Delhi Fights Corona, we believe in maintaining highest standards of integrity, truth and fairness in all the content. Our editorial team strives hard to ensure that we serve our audience informative, interesting and reliable content. For ensuring trustworthiness of this platform, we adhere to the following editorial policies:

  1. Fact Checking and Accuracy: All facts mentioned in the content are double checked for accuracy from authentic sources and through proper fact checking mechanisms.
  2. Transparency: All content published here are fully referenced and quoted with proper citations, whenever necessary. All the data and claims made are substantiated with valid sources.
  3. Objectivity and Independence: We aim to be objective and independent in our coverage. We do not express our personal views or opinions, nor do we allow any external pressures to affect our editorial integrity.
  4. Editorial Independence: Our editorial choices are not affected by any commercial advertisements or sponsors. Our sole priority is journalism and user interest.
  5. Errors and Mistakes: In case of any mistake, it is corrected promptly and transparently and the content is updated accordingly.
  6. Copyright Policy: We respect intellectual property of others and do not engage in any activity which invites theft of or loss of proprietary information. All content on this website is created or adapted from other sources with proper credit given.
  7. User Generated Content: Content added by users on our websites will be moderated according to our editorial guidelines and terms of service, to ensure that the community stays respectful and enriching
  8. Ethical Integrity: We commit to the standards of ethical journalism and will not promote any hate speech, discrimination or harm.
  9. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Any conflict of interest involving team members or contributors will be duly disclosed.
  10. Feedback and Accountability: We encourage feedback from our audience and ensure that any concerns or questions are addressed promptly through our contact us page.