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Delhi is the capital of India and has many people living there. The city is busy with a lot of people and many vehicles on the roads. The Delhi traffic police make sure that people follow the rules and laws in traffic busy place. In this article, we will talk about the different Challan you have to pay if you break the traffic rules in Delhi. We will also explain how you can pay these Delhi Traffic Challan Online, the exact amounts you have to pay for different rule-breaking, and the ways you can check the status of Delhi Traffic Challan fines you need to pay. Read on to learn all about paying Delhi Traffic Challan Online.

Delhi Traffic Challan Online Payment

Delhi Traffic Challan Online Pay

As we discussed earlier, the Delhi Traffic Police work hard to make sure the traffic in the city is organized. If you break these rules, you might get a Traffic Challan from the Delhi Traffic Police. Nowadays, they give these Traffic Challan Online, which is very convenient. Because of this, many people want to know how to use the online status to check and pay their Challan.

These eChallan from the Delhi Traffic Police have a few purposes, but mainly they’re to keep people safe while they’re driving. These punishments are important to encourage everyone to drive responsibly. There are different penalties for different traffic violations, and you can pay E Challan them either online or offline.

Delhi Traffic E Challan Details

As per the updated rules in the New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, if you commit any of the traffic offenses listed below, you will receive an electronic fine (E Challan) in Delhi, based on the new higher fines.

Traffic ViolationFine Charges
Not having a valid driving licence₹5,000/-
Not having a valid motor insurance plan₹2,000/-
Violation of air pollution standards₹10,000/-
Not following the instructions of a traffic police officer₹2,000/-
Driving over the speed limitPrivate Vehicles: ₹1,000/-
Commercial Vehicles: ₹2,000/-
Breaking a red light and driving dangerously₹5,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months
Driving through a red light₹1,000/-
Driving dangerously and over-speeding₹5,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months
Rider or pillion rider not wearing a helmet₹1,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months
Riding a two-wheeler with more than one pillion rider₹1,000/-
Riding a two-wheeler while wearing sandals or slippers₹1,000/-
Driving while using a mobile phone₹5,000 and/or suspension of licence for three months
Driving and simultaneously taking selfies₹2,000/-

How To Check Delhi Traffic Challan Status Online

People who want to check their Delhi Traffic Challan Status Online can do it on the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways which is To see the Traffic E Challan Status, go to the website and find the option to easily check your Delhi Traffic Challan Status Online.

  1. Visit the official website of Parivahan at
  2. Choose “E Challan” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the online service from the menu.
  4. Click on “get challan details.”
  5. Enter the Delhi Traffic Challan number.
  6. Input the vehicle number and its details.
  7. On the new page, you will see any unpaid traffic fines listed, along with their current status.

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Steps to Make Online Payment for Delhi Traffic Electronic Challan

If you know about your Delhi Traffic E Challan and want to pay it online, you can easily do that using the official Delhi Traffic Police website.

  • Start by visiting the official website of the Delhi traffic police.
  • Click on the “Notice” tab, then choose “Pending Notices.”
  • Enter either your vehicle number or the issued Delhi traffic challan number.
  • Click the button to search for the details.
  • Verify if you need to pay and see the amount.
  • If there’s still an unpaid amount, make the payment.
  • Finally, download the slip for your future reference.

Why Delhi Traffic Introduces E Challan ?

The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched Delhi Traffic Challan that you can find on their website with help from the police. The best way to pay these fines is through eChallan, which is a digital method. In Delhi, CCTV cameras are put in smart places to quickly catch people breaking traffic rules. When someone is caught, the Delhi police send them an online Traffic eChallan along with a text message to let them know.

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Delhi Traffic eChallan FAQs

Where do I find the official website for Traffic E Challan?

You can find the official Delhi Traffic Challan at

How can I check the status of a Delhi Traffic E Challan?

To know if you got a Traffic Challan, go to the official website

What’s the fine for driving over the speed limit?

If you’re driving a regular vehicle, the fine is ₹1,000. For commercial vehicles, it’s ₹2,000.

What is a Delhi Traffic Electronic Challan?

A Delhi Traffic E Challan is like a digital ticket given by the Delhi traffic police when they catch someone breaking the rules on camera.

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