Delhi govt will give 2,000 food coupons each to every MLA & MP in the city for distribution of food among the poor who do not have any ID: CM

  • Delhi govt will provide free ration to additional 30 lakh people who have applied online: CM
  • Delhi govt will give a kit of essential items like soap, salt etc along with the ration from the next month: CM
  • Delhi govt to give free ration to around 1 crore people in the national capital: CM
  • Delhi government will start COVID-19 testing for mediapersons from Wednesday: CM
  • Delhi govt will procure 60 new ambulances and an order has been issued for the same: CM

The Delhi government will give 2,000 food coupons each to every MLA and MP in the city for distribution of ration among the needy, who do not have any ID card, in their constituencies in the wake of coronavirus lockdown, Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday. He also said that the Delhi government will give free ration to 30 lakh additional people who do not have ration card but applied online for the ration. Delhi Chief Minister also said that with the next month’s ration, a kit — having other daily use items like soap and salt etc — will also be given along with the ration. Mr Kejriwal said that the government will start COVID-19 testing for media persons from Wednesday.

“Till yesterday there was a total of 2,081 number of COVID-19 positive cases in Delhi, 431 people have recovered so far and went back home, 47 people have died and we have 1,603 active cases. Yesterday we collected 1,397 samples which means nearly 1,400 samples and only 78 cases were found positive,” said Mr Kejriwal. 
He added, “We have analysed the deaths due to COVID-19 in Delhi and found that in 80% of the cases the patients were above 50-year old and only 20% were below 50 years. This shows that senior citizens are more at risk. We have also found that 83% of patients who have died had comorbidity which means serious medical conditions like sugar, pressure, kidney disease, cancer etc.”
The Chief Minister asserted that these results show that the senior citizens above 50-year and especially 60-year age should be very careful. “They should maintain the social distancing norms very stringently and should not leave their houses. The family members should ensure that senior citizens stay at home and follow the norms. People who have serious health issues should also be extra careful,” said Mr Kejriwal.
“Today we have decided and planned to ensure the food security of the people in need. We have already given a free ration of 7.5 Kg for this month to 71 lakh ration cardholders and 5 kg free ration to 10 lakh non-ration cardholders. We have received nearly 38 lakh applications from the non-ration cardholders. The Delhi government has decided to give free ration to around 30 lakh people who do not have ration cards. This way we will give free ration to around 1 crore people. Delhi has a population of 2 crores and we will give free ration to half of Delhi’s total population,” said the Chief Minister.
Mr Kejriwal explained, “These 30 lakh people are the people who have applied online based on their ID cards like Aadhar but there are people in Delhi who do not have any ID card. Many people come to Delhi for some months to earn money but now stuck in the city due to lockdown. To ensure free ration to such people the Delhi government today decided that we will give 2,000 food coupons to each MLA and MP of Delhi across all the political parties. Each of these coupons will be applicable to get 5 kg of free ration. The MPs and MLAs can give these coupons to people who do not have a ration card or any ID proof.”
The Delhi CM said, “We have also decided that from the next month (May) along with the ration which will be given from 28 0r 29 April onwards, we will also give a kit containing essential items such as salt, chhole, sugar, haldi, edible oil, soap, masala and daliya. This kit will be given to everyone who is getting ration (both cardholders and non-cardholders).”
Mr Kejriwal also said that to accommodate more people if the number of cases increases the Delhi government today has ordered for 60 new ambulances.
“We have received reports that in many states the journalists were found positive with COVID-19. Journalists are working in the frontline in this extraordinary time and I salute to their courage. This is the time when people need proper information and by risking their life journalists are working round the clock. On the request from the journalists from tomorrow, we are opening a centre where any journalist can visit for COVID-19 test. I wish no journalist will be found positive with COVID-19 and stay in good health,” said Mr Kejriwal.
The Essential Item Kit will have
  (i)  1 ltr of refined oil    
(ii) 1 Kg Chhole Chana    
(iii) 1 kg Sugar    
(iv) 1 kg Salt    
(v) 200 gm Haldi Powder    
(vi) 200 gm Dhania Powder    
(vii) 200 gm Chilli Powder    
(viii) 2 Soap bars (60-75) gms