Delhi govt transported migrant workers from different shelters in govt buses to New Delhi Railway Station

  • Delhi govt to bear the cost of journey of migrant workers, if their home states don’t respond
  • As per rule, Center and the home state of the migrants should bear the cost of train travel
  • Today 1,200 stranded workers left Delhi on a special train for Muzaffarpur, Bihar: Gopal Rai
  • Delhi government has made arrangements for tickets, food and water for everyone- Gopal Rai

New Delhi, 08, May 2020

The Delhi government has decided to bear the cost of train travel of the migrant workers if their home states do not respond on the matter of bearing their travel cost. As per current guidelines, the Central government and the home state of the migrant workers should bear the cost of their travel. The Delhi government has already reached out to the respective states with the list of migrant workers stranded in Delhi. Most of these states are yet to respond on the matter of bearing the travel costs of these stranded people, therefore, the Delhi govt has taken the decision to bear the cost to avoid any further inconvenience to stranded workers. Today a special train carrying nearly 1,200 migrant labourers departed from New Delhi Railway station to Muzaffarpur, Bihar. The Delhi government ensured safe travel, social distancing, food and water for all the passengers.

“The train carrying 1,200 migrant labourers left for Muzaffarpur, Bihar today. The Arvind Kejriwal government will bear their full travel cost,” tweeted Cabinet Minister Mr Gopal Rai.

The Delhi government is working round the clock to ensure safe travel for all the stranded workers. The government has made lists of these stranded people and already shared with their home states. There are many states who have not yet responded on the matter of bearing costs, therefore, the Delhi government has decided that if the home states do not respond the Delhi government will bear the travel cost of these stranded workers.

Today a special train carrying around 1,200 stranded workers left at 3 PM for Muzaffarpur, Bihar from New Delhi Railway Station. The Delhi government arranged several buses to bring these workers from shelters across Delhi. Teams of doctors were appointed to screen them and after thorough checkup, medical certificate was issued to each one of them. The Delhi government also ensured today’s lunch along with food and water for the train journey. All the people were given food packets to eat during the travel by train along with dry fruits, biscuits, banana and water bottles.

Social distancing is key to combat COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the social distancing the Delhi government permitted only 12 people on a bus while taking the migrant workers to the railway station. Thermal screening of the passengers was also done before boarding the bus.

The Delhi government also appointed civil defence volunteers at each of these buses. The volunteers distributed masks to every passenger and instructed them to ensure social distancing. The volunteers also asked them to wash their hands from time to time. Medical certificate and tickets were given to the passengers after they reached the railway station.