Delhi govt launches e-token system for liquor sale

  • Delhi govt is encouraging people to avoid long queues by applying for an e-token with time slot to buy liquor at any nearby shop
  • The online link to obtain e-token is

In a bid to ensure social distancing and to stop overcrowding at the liquor shops the Delhi government on Thursday launched an e-token service to buy liquor. The Delhi government took this decision to encourage people to avoid long queues by applying for an e-token with time slot at any nearby shop to buy liquor. Any person can apply for an e-token through the following link While applying name and phone number will be required and the e-coupon will be sent at the registered mobile number, through that e-token the person will be allowed to buy liquor from the nearby shops. This will be an additional facility to reduce overcrowding at the liquor shops. 
In the third phase of the lockdown, the central government has given some relaxations by which stand-alone liquor shops can be opened. Following the guidelines of the Central Government, the Delhi Government has given permission to open about 200 shops across the national Capital from Monday. However, due to overcrowding and long queues in some areas, only 50 shops could be kept open. In order to curb violations of social distancing norms, crowding and law and order issues during the sale of liquor in the city, the Delhi government has decided to introduce the e-token system.
The  Delhi government has launched a web link From now on any person who wants to avoid the long queues will be required to apply through the web link and an e-token will be sent to the registered mobile number. Thereafter, the person can go to the nearby shop, show the e-token and buy the liquor. This will help to reduce overcrowding and ensure social distancing.