Delhi Govt launches COVID-19 helpline chatbot 8800007722 to provide updated information on Coronavirus

  • Out of the 72 lakh beneficiaries, we have successfully distributed ration to 60% people, devising a scheme to provide ration to non-ration card holders: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • 1780 HRCs have been opened in Delhi to ensure no person goes hungry: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • Children have questions on Corona. We will address the children and parents on ‘Parenting in the times of Corona’ and answer them: CM Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday said that the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Delhi is 384, out of which 58 patients have a history of foreign travel, 259 patients are from the Markaz event, and 38 cases are from local transmission through foreign travel patients. He said that the situation of the Corona outbreak in Delhi is under control. The Chief Minister also announced the COVID-19 helpline chatbot of the Delhi government – 8800007722, where people can get all information related to Corona.

Addressing a digital conference in Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Delhi has 384 COVID-19 patients until now, and yesterday it was 293. It looks worrisome at first. Out of 384, 58 patients have a history of foreign travel, 259 patients are from the Markaz event, and 38 cases are from local transmission through foreign travel patients. The figure for cases that have arisen through local contact and transmission is constant and stable, which gives us hope that there is no spreading of Corona in Delhi.”

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the efforts of the Delhi government, the Central government, and the people have been able to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Delhi, as a result of which the cases of local transmission have been just 38.

Delhi has reported a total of 5 Corona deaths, one new death of the patient who was taken out of the Markaz has been reported in the last 24 hours. CM Kejriwal said that out of all the patients who have been admitted to the hospitals, 2 patients have been put on a ventilator, and the rest of the patients are stable.

“Two situations, the spread of Corona and the number of deaths reported are in control as far as Delhi is concerned. But, the COVID-19 lockdown announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister should be followed strictly. We have to learn from other nations and follow social distancing and lockdown norms stringently,” said the CM.

“I am holding regular meetings with the health department of Delhi and the doctors. God forbid, if there is an outbreak of Corona, we are fully prepared to handle the situation,” he added.

CM Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has taken several measures to provide relief to the marginalized sections of the society, who have been affected by the lockdown the most. “72 lakh people are being provided 7.5 kg ration each at our distribution shops, and around 60% of people have already received ration and the remaining will receive soon. We have also devised a scheme to provide ration to those who do not have ration cards, and in a few days, we will start providing ration to them as well.,” said the CM.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Around 8 lakh senior citizens, widows, and differently-abled have received Rs. 5000, as under the different pension schemes. Rs.5000 will further be provided to them in the next week, or in another 10-15 days. Construction workers have also been provided Rs.5000 as relief assistance, and all the public service vehicle drivers, including auto-rickshaws, e-rickshaws, gramin-sewas, RTVs, etc, will also be provided relief assistance of Rs. 5000 each.”

“To ensure no person in Delhi goes hungry, 1780 HRCs have been opened in Delhi, and lunch and dinner are being provided at these HRCs. Yesterday, these 1780 HRCs provided lunch for 6,52,850 people and dinner for 6,30,000 people. 328 shelters have been opened in Delhi for migrant laborers and people from outside Delhi. These shelters can accommodate 57,270 people, and 11443 people are living in these shelters,” he added.

Introducing a COVID-19 helpline chatbot to provide all information pertaining to COVID-19, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “The Delhi government is issuing a WhatsApp number today, which will provide you with all information related to Corona. You have to send a Hi to this number on WhatsApp, and a Menu will appear before you. Information on HRCs, COVID-19 symptoms, measures taken by the Delhi government to deal with the pandemic and all other information can be gathered from this number. The number is 8800007722.”

“Our government and private schools have around 44 lakh students, and I am sure they have a lot of questions now that they are sitting in their homes. Tomorrow at 3 PM, I, Manish Sisodia Ji, and a few experts will interact with all students and parents of Delhi. Children have too many questions about Corona, it’s symptoms and nature. We will address the children and parents on ‘Parenting in the times of Corona’ and try to answer all the questions,” added the CM.