Delhi govt has transferred Rs 5000 financial assistance to 1,10,093 PSV badge holder para transit drivers

  • In total Delhi government has given financial assistance of Rs. 55,04,65,000 to the PSV badge holder para transit drivers: Kailash Gahlot
  • Now Delhi’s E-rickshaw owners and permit holders of para-transit vehicles can register for financial assistance on the website Kailash Gahlot
  • Leveraging technology, the Delhi government used Aadhar based DBT to transfer financial assistance directly transferred the money the bank accounts of these people: Kailash Gahlot

NEW DELHI, May 13, 2020

In the largest of its kind financial assistance scheme for transport sector, the Delhi government has transferred Rs 5,000 each to 1,10,093 PSV badge holder para-transit drivers. The government has paid a total amount of Rs 55,04,65,000. In the second week of April, the Delhi government decided to provide one-time financial help of Rs 5,000 to drivers of autos, taxis, e-rickshaws and other paratransit vehicles to tide over the financial crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic. Leveraging technology, the Delhi government developed several software applications and used Aadhar based DBT to transfer financial assistance directly to the bank accounts of the applicants. In this whole process, the Delhi government ensured that no person will be needed to come out of their homes and stand in a queue. The entire Transport department worked round the clock under the supervision Transport minister Mr Kailash Gahlot to make this happen.

Transport Department leverages technology and worked round the clock to ensure effortless experience for para-transit drivers: Kailash Gahlot

To do this whole work without requiring beneficiaries to leave their homes during lockdown, the Delhi government developed unique mobile-based technology and software, and leveraged Aadhar based DBT. “When we started the process of registration, we started facing several hurdles. In a bid to tackle these hurdles, which were mostly technical, we developed mobile-based technology and software. The PSV batch holders applied based on their name as written in the driving license and submitted both the driving license and Aadhaar card. We witnessed that in around 60,000 cases there was a mismatch in names between driving license and Aadhaar, therefore, we faced issues in the verification. All the 13 MLOs were directed to manually cross-check and verify the names and details in the driving license with the Aadhar details. This way, through mobile technology and round the clock efforts of the Delhi Transport department officials we are doing the verification process. We have received nearly 1,58,000 application,” said Mr Gahlot.

Transport Minister takes to Facebook Live to directly redress grievances, give clarifications

Mr Kailash Gahlot also said, “I held three live sessions on Facebook to appraise the applicants about various issues. While doing these sessions I found out that there are many PSV batch holders who have PSV batches issued before 2010. These old batches were not uploaded on our software because those did not have a chip which is required by the software. From that point, we requested such people to file grievance forms and those applications were considered as deemed. Based on these grievance forms now we are checking manually all the details of the PSV batches and running verification process.”

The transport minister observed that all these were a learning process for the Delhi government as never before such initiatives were taken. He added that it was a revelation that most of the para-transit drivers were very comfortable using Twitter and Facebook, and it was they who requested to organise Facebook Live session to direct respond to questions.

Registration for financial assistance launched for E-rickshaw owners and permit holders of paratransit vehicles: Kailash Gahlot

The Delhi government has now also initiated the process of registration for the E-rickshaw owners and permit holders of paratransit vehicles who do not have PSV badge. The decision will benefit more than 60,000 permit holders of para-transit vehicles and owners of e-rickshaws registered in Delhi. Delhi Transport minister Mr Kailash Gahlot thanked the chief minister for the decision in a tweet, saying he hoped the financial help will provide relief to e-rickshaw owners and permit holders of paratransit vehicles. Starting today, Delhi’s E-rickshaw drivers and permit holders of paratransit vehicles can register on the website

Yesterday, the Delhi government started the testing of the software to manage the registration process. “Software testing has been going on since this morning. Links have been provided to the vehicle associations so that they can give their feedback. The test will be completed by the evening. Following the test and after the successful completion of this testing the applicants can start filing applications to receive the assistance,” tweeted Mr Gahlot in Hindi.