Delhi govt has decided to de-contain Vardhaman apartment after successful implementation of OPERATION SHIELD

  • In the past 4 weeks not a single new case was reported from this containment zone: CM
  • Today we have decided to de-contain the Vardhaman apartment: CM
  • This was possible due to the cooperation of the residents: CM

The Delhi government on Thursday decided to de-contain or de-seal Vardhaman Apartment of East Delhi as in the last four weeks not a single case was reported from this containment zone. After the successful implementation of OPERATION SHIELD, this is the second containment zone to be de-contained by the Delhi government. The first one was Mansara Apartment. 
“In a bid to tackle the spread of COVID-19 the Delhi government declared Vardhaman Apartment as a containment zone and the OPERATION SHIELD was implemented. In the last four weeks, not a single case was reported from this area and today we have decided to de-contain this area. This was possible due to the cooperation of the residents.” tweeted Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal in Hindi.
The order issued by the East Delhi District Magistrate noted, “The Containment Order No PA/DM(E)/2020/1378-1384 in respect of Vardhrnan Apartments was issued on 02.04.2020 in view of the fact that Vardhman Apartments is a multi-storied apartment having a common entry/exit gate; common facilities were being accessed by the patient, and further, the apartment being close to a market place, it was necessary to prevent the local spread of COVID-19 amongst high-risk contacts.”
The order further noted, “…door to door survey of all the 102 flats/houses was performed by the office of CDMO (East) and 213 persons were screened/tested for COVID-19, results of which were negative. Further, active surveillance of the area and nearby vicinity was carried out by the office of CDMO (East) for 28 days.”
The order also noted, “The medical authorities shall continue regular follow up action so that the containment operations shall be deemed to be completed in stipulated time. Needless to state that the lockdown shall continue to remain in force till 03.05.2020.”
The Delhi government first successfully implemented OPERATION SHIELD at Dilshad Garden and the spread of COVID-19 stopped. Operation SHIELD stands for Sealing, Home Quarantine, Isolation and Tracking, Essential Supply, Local Sanitisation and Door-To-Door Checking. 
To proactively stop the local transmission of Coronavirus, Delhi government has begun sealing small areas and colonies where typically 2 or more cases are found with the same house or vicinity. The decision to define an area as a containment zone and to seal it is taken daily based on analysis of positive cases by the District Surveillance Teams and under the directions of the CDMOs. Once the decision is taken, the OPERATION SHIELD is activated. The concerned DM and DCP must carry out containment orders. An appropriate geographical area around the residence of the positive case(s) is cordoned off/sealed based on a ground survey – e.g. major roads around the house/building typically become the boundary of the containment zone.
After the OPERATION SHIELD is activated in any area the first step is to seal the entire area and no one is allowed to go inside or outside (without utmost emergency). Only government officials who are authorised to look after the area are allowed to go inside. The government ensures providing essential services to the people of the area. This way the first step is to isolate the area from the other parts of the city so that no spread of COVID-19 takes place from the particular region.