Delhi Govt. all set to conduct online Happiness Classes for entire family everyday at 4 pm

  • The goal is to go from a full mind to a mindful self- Dy. CM Manish Sisodia
  • Dy. CM Manish Sisodia also launches ‘Happiness Blog’ with a vast repository of reference material for parents

Presiding over the third live session of “Parenting in the time of Corona”, the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia spoke about bringing happiness classes to our homes by involving parents and turning the lockdown times into an opportunity for becoming a happy family.

As the topic of the discussion today was ‘Happiness class for family’, the Hon’ble Education Minister announced that the Education Dept, Govt. of NCT of Delhi is all set to conduct online happiness classes at 4 pm, everyday. “We are going through uncertain times today, this current situation of ours is something that has not been witnessed ever by our parents or grandparents.
Our goal is to sail through these times by shredding our anxiety and worries. So, the Education Department of the Delhi Government is all set to run a happiness class everyday live , at 4 pm, on social media platforms – Youtube and Facebook. These classes are non-exclusive and open to all. Our govt school teachers who have been conducting the happiness classes for the last 2 years in our schools would now be taking a happiness class online.”

As the happiness class has been touted for improving the concentration and happiness levels of students, the Delhi Govt. wants to now conduct it online for the families to practice it together and sail through this tumultuous situation.

“We need to bring our families together and stay united. Practising mindfulness together can be one such activity which would help all of us to ease our anxieties. My appeal to the parents and children is that if you’re learning from the online happiness classes and practising meditation at your homes, please click photographs of the same and send them to us. This would give a boost to the confidence and morale of our education team. They would be all the more excited to do the online classes.,” added the Education Minister of Delhi

Shri Manish Sisodia also launched ‘Happiness Blog’ with a vast repository of reference material for parents. Link to the blog (

The panel members of the launch session included Shri Binay Bhushan, Director, Education, Shri Shailendra Sharma, Principal Advisor to Director, Education and Shri Avinash, Happiness Teacher, Govt. of Delhi.

“The intent behind practising mindfulness is to make ourselves conscious and aware of the thoughts and feelings that we are going through now, and soak them in.The idea is never to kill/supress what we are feeling at the moment,” said Shri Avinash.

Adding to this, Shri Shailendra Sharma posed a question asked by one of the parents as to what is the difference between mindfulness and meditation. And how can happiness be taught to someone, as it is a feeling.

“Mindfulness is a technique of meditation only. It is a world accepted format of meditation. This is how countries all over the world are adopting this practice.The idea behind starting mindfulness is because our minds are always full of emotions, things, and whatever is happening is around us. We are distracted on an everyday basis. But through mindfulness, we have to bring ourselves back to consciousness, and we have to transform our ‘full minds’ into ‘being mindful’”, said Dy CM Manish Sisodia.

“Yes, happiness cannot be taught like a theory. But the state of our minds can be improved to be happy and positive towards a situation,” he added.

The entire process of conducting the Happiness class was demonstrated step by step by Shri. Avinash. After the launch today, daily class will be conducted at 4 pm. Families are expected to watch it together and do those activities together at home.