Delhi government to explain Home Isolation process with a special video telecast on news channels today evening

  • 15-minute video presentation to explain important information about the precautions and guidelines to follow during home isolation
  • More than 80% of Corona positive patients either have no symptoms at all or show very mild symptoms: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • In a first of its kind instructional video in the country on home isolation, the Delhi government will explain Home Isolation process to patients
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New Delhi: With the rising number of Coronavirus cases in Delhi, it is important to observe that more than 80% of the cases are either asymptomatic and show mild symptoms of COVID-19. For such patients, Home Isolation protocol has been announced by the Health and Family Welfare Department, GNCTD of Delhi. To raise awareness about the procedures and instructions involved under the Home Isolation protocol of the Delhi government, a short 15-minute video on Home Isolation will be telecasted on all major news channels at 6:40 PM on Friday.

Depicting the importance of the Home Isolation process, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “More than 80% of Corona positive patients either have no symptoms at all or show mild symptoms like mild fever or cough. Such patients do not need to get admitted into the hospital. They can stay home and look after themselves. We have made these guidelines to explain to patients what to do during home isolation and what precautions to take. One thing to keep in mind is – do not panic. Most people recover from Corona easily.”

Tweeting the guidelines of the home isolation process, CM Arvind Kejriwal wrote, “Over 80% of Corona patients have either no symptoms or very mild symptoms. Such patients can recover in the comfort of their home In the center pages of today’s newspapers, we have published detailed guidelines on #HomeIsolation. Pl keep these pages safely and share them with others.”

In another tweet, he said, “Please do not panic if you have Corona. Most of you can be treated under #HomeIsolation. But if you need to be hospitalized, we are also fully prepared for that. I pray to God for your good health and happiness.”

The Home Isolation, as laid down under the health department of the GNCTD of Delhi, includes advising the patients to remain isolated at their homes in case of no or mild symptoms. Their treatment is then monitored by a team of health workers and doctors appointed by CM Arvind Kejriwal, who stay in constant contact with the patient. A caregiver/attendant shall also be available 24×7 for the care of the patient.

In the first of its kind instructional video in the country on home isolation, the Delhi government will briefly explain the directions laid down under the Home Isolation protocol. Special instructions for the patients, caregivers/attendants, and neighbours of the patient under home isolation, along with directions for the patient to self-monitor, testing and recovery process, daily tracker, and following a nutrition diet are some of the procedures included in the Home Isolation protocol, which will also be explained in the video. The video will explain how more than 80% of patients who have no symptoms or minor symptoms can be treated in their own homes, how such patients can be taken care of and recover at their own homes.

Apart from introducing a special video telecast, the guidelines for Home Isolation under the Delhi government have been included on the center pages of all the major newspapers today. The Delhi government requests everyone to keep these pages in place and put it on the notice board of their commercial/residential buildings.

The video will also be displayed on the corona website of Delhi government – and a letter of instructions would also be issued.