Delhi Corona App now shows authorized helpline numbers for each hospital

  • CM Arvind Kejriwal directed all the hospitals to make authorised helpline numbers to deal with COVID related queries
  • Any person who wants to reach out to any COVID hospital can now dial these 24*7 helpline numbers from Delhi Corona App

NEW DELHI: Delhi Corona App now has authorized helpline numbers for each hospital. The Delhi government received a lot of complaints from the citizens that the phone numbers of these hospitals stay unreachable most of the time. Taking cognisance of these complaints Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia who is also handling the additional portfolio of the health minister directed all the COVID hospitals of Delhi to make authorised helpline numbers to deal with COVID related queries.

Now all these hospitals have come out with 24*7 available authorised helpline numbers; all these numbers are available at the Delhi Corona app which was developed and launched by the Delhi government to provide COVID-19 pandemic related queries in Delhi. Any person who wants to reach out to these hospitals with the COVID-19 related information can now dial these numbers directly from the app.

When a patient clicks on the name of the hospital where beds are available, its phone number, along with its location on a map, will pop up.

The government had launched the ‘Delhi Corona’ app in June this year to provide real-time information on the availability of beds for the treatment of Covid-19 in hospitals across the city. Days after launching the app, the government had also ordered the hospitals to ensure real-time updating on the app. It is useful for getting information regarding the availability of hospital beds and ventilators for treating Coronavirus patients. It also helps people in Delhi to locate a nearby healthcare facility to diagnose and treat a COVID-19 infection near them. The Delhi Corona application is also free for all Android and IOS users and is available both on the Google Play Store and Appstore.

The hospitals have also been colour-coded red, yellow and green depending on the availability of beds, with red denoting hospitals with very few beds available and green denoting hospitals with an adequate number of beds.

Till today Delhi has around 14986 beds, out of which 5169 beds are occupied and 9817 beds are vacant.