Coronavirus vaccine will be provided free of cost to people in Delhi: Satyendar Jain

  • The vaccine will be rolled out to 1 lakh people on a daily basis
  • Almost 51 lakh people will be injected in the first phase
  • 1000 centres will be set up in Delhi
  • COVID vaccination centres will be linked to hospitals; people will be kept under 30-min observation after getting dose

New Delhi: Delhi Health Minister Shri Satyendar Jain, on Saturday 2 January 2021, reviewed the dry run of the Covid vaccination process at the Daryaganj dispensary. The Minister said that the Coronavirus vaccine will be given free of cost to people in Delhi. Shri Satyendar Jain further said that the Delhi government has made preparations to vaccinate 1 lakh people in a day. The dry run was organised at three places which included GTB Hospital which falls under Delhi Government, Venkateshwara Hospital which is a private hospital and Daryaganj dispensary.

Speaking at the occasion, the Minister said, “This is not the trial run for the vaccine but of its vaccination process. Preparations have been done in Delhi for the roll-out of the vaccine, from storage to the application. 1000 centres will be set up. There are three types of centres- government hospital, private hospital and dispensaries. The purpose of conducting the dry run at three different types of centres was to review the system set up in each. The system is flawless. The Delhi Government is fully prepared to roll out the vaccine to 1 lakh people on a daily basis. Initially, it will be rolled out to healthcare and front line workers, along-with people over the age of 50 or with co-morbidity. Almost 51 lakh people will be injected in the first phase. The vaccine will be provided free of cost to people in Delhi once it arrives”.

Responding to queries surrounding side effects of the vaccine, Shri Jain said:

“We have set up monitoring stations at all locations. 10 patients will be admitted at a time following all norms of social distancing. When the vaccination is applied, the person will be put under observation for 30 mins. Every centre has been linked to a hospital. Most of them are hospitals themselves but the ones which are not have been duly linked. In case any patient shows any kind of discomfort, an emergency room has been set up. Along with this, the patient will be sent to nearby hospitals, if need be.”

“Delhi saw 585 cases yesterday. Positivity rate was 0.73%, and is continuously on the decline. Very soon, the number of cases too will come under 500. Even after reducing the availability of beds, 10,500-11,000 beds are still vacant. Only 2000 beds are occupied at present. As far as the new strain is concerned, 40 cases have been traced and have been admitted to LNJP Hospital. Along with this, 4 private hospitals too, have been authorised. We are well aware and fully prepared to combat any situation.” remarked Shri Jain on being asked about the current situation of Coronavirus in Delhi.