Containment Zones

With an objective to control the spread of Corona, the Delhi government has launched ‘Operation SHIELD’ to trace and identify positive coronavirus cases in the city. The operation has been implemented to mitigate the risk of community transmission.

The Delhi government has begun the implementation of Operation SHIELD in all the containment zones across Delhi. The containment zones are notified when three or more Corona positive cases are found in a particular area.

What happens inside a containment zone?

To combat the rising cases in Delhi, preventive measures are taken in areas which have the maximum number of Corona positive cases. These measures include sealing of an area to disallow entry and exit of people, sanitization and sanitation measures, testing and tracing, home quarantine of people in those areas, and door-to-door provision of basic facilities.

A special team of health officials conduct door-to-door visits to collect samples of all the people living in the containment zone.

Civil Defense volunteers are deployed for contact tracing of positive Corona cases, if any, and to ensure that people continue to follow the protocol of home quarantine.

Civil defense volunteers and Asha workers and volunteers ensure effective supply of essential services to the people living in the containment areas.

How has Operation SHIELD yielded success?

Many containment zones across the state are now decontained as a result of strict policies of the Delhi government on the do’s and don’ts inside a containment zone.

If no positive cases are reported inside a containment zone for the last four weeks, the area is de-contained.

Currently, 59 zones have been de-contained by the Delhi government.

Map of Containment Zones in Delhi