CM Arvind Kejriwal salutes #DilliKeHeroes, thanks them for their efforts during the lockdown

  • Nurses, doctors, marshals, police, civil defense volunteers, and many others are working day and night without caring for their lives, these are the real heroes of Delhi: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • Delhi is fighting its toughest war against Corona because of the hard work and efforts of the Corona warriors: CM Arvind Kejriwal
  • Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal thanks Corona Warriors, tweets video from official twitter handle expressing gratitude

New Delhi: 27th May 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi has witnessed people like doctors, nurses, bus marshals, civil defense volunteers, emerging as real heroes, and assisting the Delhi government in helping people in need during the Corona lockdown. CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal took to twitter to address these people as #DilliKeHeroes. He thanked all the heroes for their efforts and bravery and said that these people are the biggest strength behind Delhi’s fight against the Corona pandemic. 
CM  Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “Most of us were locked in our homes during the COVID epidemic. But some Delhiites were serving the people of the city and the country. The entire Delhi salutes these #DilliKeHeroes. I will begin sharing the stories of such heroes on social media from today.”
CM Kejriwal tweeted a video of Vijay, who is working as a cook in a hunger relief centre in Delhi. His tweet read, “Our cooks in the Hunger Relief Centres are working for a noble cause and feeding the people in this pandemic. They feed around 10 lakh people daily. The entire Delhi salutes the bravery of these #DilliKeHeroes”
If we go back home, who will feed 30-35000 people daily? – Vijay Yadav, Hunger Relief Centre cook
36-year-old Vijay Yadav is working as a cook in a hunger relief center in Delhi. Depicting his experience of working for the people during all this lockdown, Vijay said, “I work in the hunger relief center the whole day, and can only find 2 hours a day for myself. When I used to work in the mid-day meal center before the lockdown, the work was much less, but now I am working for straight 22 hours. We have 60-70 centres with us, and we cook food for around 30-35000 people. Our first phase of cooking continues from around 2 AM till 8 AM. Then the second phase of cooking starts from 12 noon after all the supplies have reached our kitchen.” 
Vijay lauded the Delhi government for its efforts to feed the poor during this lockdown. “The Delhi government endeavors to feed 10-12 lakh people on a daily basis, along with making arrangements for their stay and maintaining social distancing.” 
“Our families have been calling us back home, but we have to think about all the people. If we go back home, who will feed 30-35000 people daily who are in need? I would like to tell my family to not worry because I am taking care of another family of around 35000 members,” he added.
We have to think about our country right now without caring about our lives – Rajendra, Civil Defense Volunteer 
27-year-old Rajendra has been serving the people of Delhi as a Civil Defence Volunteer. In this lockdown period, Rajendra has been working to ensure that the food distribution in the designated hunger relief centres in Delhi is done in a smooth manner. He has been deployed as a CDV at an HRC in Kalkaji. He said, “It is our responsibility to protect the people of Delhi. My duty is to ensure that people follow all social distancing norms and that food distribution is done in a proper manner. The Delhi government is feeding the poor and the needy, and every family here is getting lunch and dinner daily, irrespective of their family members. The cooked food distribution began in Delhi after a week of the first phase of lockdown that began on March 21.” 
Rajendra said that he does not visit his home regularly, and so he is not able to devote much time to his family. Even when he visits, he prefers getting his body temperature checked before entering his home to meet his family. “I feel proud to be working for the people of Delhi, without caring for my own life,” said Rajendra. 
It has been a month since I have been home. Our duty is more important to us right now – Asha, Nurse, LNJP Hospital 
34-year-old Asha works as a nurse in the LNJP Hospital. She said, “We are required to work for continuous shifts for 14 days, in the morning, evening, and night. Our morning and evening shifts are for 6 hours and the night shift is for 12 hours. We do not have any leaves, and there will be continuous duties for 14 days and then quarantine for 14 days.”
“Because this is a pandemic, I am staying away from my family. I stay in touch with my family and my kids through video calls. Our duty is more important to us right now. Considering the circumstances, we cannot go back home. But, arrangements for our accommodation, food and all other facilities have been made.” she said. Asha thanked Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government for making all the necessary arrangements for the healthcare staff.
“I would like to advise the people of Delhi to stay at home because by staying at home, you will be helping us as well. Please do not think that staying at home is unfair, it is a blessing to be home right now and spend time with your family. I have not been home for a month now,” she added. 
It has been 2 months since I have met my family, my kids start crying whenever I talk to them on phone – Dr. Ajit Jain, Cardiac Surgeon, Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital
Dr. Ajit is working as a nodal officer at the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, and also as the head of the Cardiac Surgery department. Dr. Ajit said, “I have not been home for the past two months. I am in the hospital only and all our necessities are taken care of. We reach our hotel at around 2 AM and come back on duty in the morning at around 7-8 AM.” 
Depicting the arrangements made by the Delhi government for the accommodation of the healthcare staff, Dr. Ajit said, “CM Arvind Kejriwal held a zoom call with all of us during the lockdown and arranged the best possible staying arrangements for us in the hotels because traveling would have been a problem for us. Transport arrangements have also been made for healthcare staff to travel to and fro hospitals and hotels.” 
“My wife is a doctor too and she is understanding, but my kids start crying whenever I talk to them on phone or video call. It then becomes difficult for me to have a conversation with them. But, once I come back to my job and think about the disastrous situation that we are in, I feel everything will be back on track after we overcome this pandemic,” said Dr. Ajit. 

These are the real heroes of Delhi:
1. Community Kitchen Cooks

2. Civil Defence Volunteers

3. Teachers and Principals (Ration distribution)

4. Police5. ASHA Workers

6. Doctors

7. Nurses

8. Bus drivers, conductors, marshals