Brief from DDMA meeting held on 20th June 2020 on home isolation and Price capping

  • Hon. LG agrees to amend the order issued yesterday on stopping home isolation in Delhi
  • Hon LG agrees to extend price capping to all beds reserved for Covid patients in Private hospitals

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) met today and discussed the issues of home isolation and price capping of Covid-19 treatment in private hospitals. Hon’ble LG had issued an order yesterday suggesting a mandatory 5-day institutional quarantine for everyone. Delhi government vehemently opposed this as it could have severely affected our health infrastructure. CM Kejriwal explained the Delhi Government’s position to the Hon’ble LG and clarified all the doubts Hon’ble LG had about Home isolation.

We are thankful to the Hon’ble LG for amending his earlier order after considering all our points. Now, institutional isolation will only be applicable to those COVID positive cases which do not require hospitalisation on clinical assessment and do not have adequate facilities for home isolation.

A private agency was managing the home isolation program of the Delhi government via tele-consultation in a professional manner. They were taking care of on-boarding the patient followed by their home-isolation training, medical counselling of patient and family and day to day tracking of symptoms. An emergency phone number was given to all patients in case of any escalation of symptoms. If the patients symptoms were severe, they were immediately shifted to a hospital.

Hon LG has now asked the health department to make a detailed presentation and submit a concrete proposal to the DDMA on managing the entire process in-house or any other alternate plans for the same before 12 PM on Monday. Till then, the services of the said agency has been restored till Monday.

Further to this, the DDMA discussed price capping of treatment in private hospitals for Covid patients. The Central Govt Committee had recommended rates but it was limited to 60% of the beds reserved for Covid patients in private hospitals. As the Delhi Govt has asked private hospitals to reserve 40% of their beds for Covid patients as of now, this capping would have meant that only 24% of beds would have been price capped. CM Kejriwal put forward his views on this and strongly presented a case to price cap all the beds reserved for Covid in private hospitals. After deliberations, it was unanimously decided to price cap all the reserved beds for Covid patients which will benefit the common man and leave no scope for arbitrary over-charging.