Additional List of Verified Tele-consultation Services

Additional List of Verified Tele-consultation Services

Important – Apart from tele consultancy service available on 1031, following Doctors have also consented to be available for consultancy on the term given below, all interested can seek advice from them accordingly.


Sl. No.NameContact/WebLinkTime of OperationStatusService DetailsRemarks

Google PlayStore: details?id=com.mfine&hl=en_IN& gl=US

Apple Store: -consult-doctors- online/id1308944633
VariesPaidCovid-19 Consultations ranging from INR 150 to INR 300, but can vary depending on the doctor concerned.Consent accorded for inclusion by Mr. Ashutosh Lawania, Co-Founder.
2Navia for PatientsGoogle PlayStore: details?id=com.healthapp.navia&hl =en_IN&gl=US

Apple Store: -for-patients/id1265130054
VariesPaidApp-based, available only in English; approximately 50 doctors for Covid-related queries.Consent accorded for inclusion by Mr. Kunal Kishore  Dhawan, CEO.
3Covidsahyog; details have to be given, and call backs are made based on priority levels. Available for WhatsApp consultation.Consent accorded by Dr Taran Bajwa, Co-Founder.
4EkaCareGoogle PlayStore: details?

Apple Store: care/id1561621558
VariesFreeApp-based; available in Hindi. Consultation link is provided.Consent accorded for inclusion by Mr Vikalp Sahni, Founder.
5DocGenie available in English; consultations can cost between INR 800 to INR 1200, for a general physician, more if a specialist is consulted.Consent accorded for inclusion by Mr Vijay Raghunathan, Co-Founder. They have reportedly been in touch with Ashish Varma, OSD, GNCTD.

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Declaration :- These lists have been provided by the Ld. Amicus Curiae in WP (C) No. 3031 of 2020 in terms of order dated 7-5-21