6 Delhi Govt Schemes For Delhi Residents During COVID

One | E-Pass for travel within Delhi

To regulate the movement of people during the lockdown, the Delhi government uses a simple web form for people to apply. Both essential service providers and those who want to get into the city or leave the city can use it easily. This process reduces the response to a few hours after which the applicant is informed of their application status and the E-pass is issued

Link: https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init/

Two | E-Coupon for Ration for people without ration cards

The Public Distribution System only caters to ration card-holders in Delhi, but lakhs of non-ration card-holders in Delhi have also been in need of free ration because of the lockdown. The Delhi government uses a simple web form on which anyone with a valid Aadhar card is eligible to apply for non-PDS ration. Over 40 lakh Delhi residents have already applied. Apart from providing ration free, the government is also distributing a ‘special kit’ which has all the daily essentials such as soap, cooking oil, spices, sugar, tea etc. All MLAs and MPs of Delhi have also been provided with 2000 food coupons each which they give to any person in their constituency who is in dire need of food or ration.

Link: https://ration.jantasamvad.org/ration/

Three | Cooked Food Distribution in Delhi Govt. Schools

Delhi Government provides 10 lakh people lunch and dinner every day across its network of more than 2500 Hunger Relief Centres. No identification or eligibility requirements are in place and just about any person in need of a meal is welcome.

Link: https://delhifightscorona.in/2020/04/05/hunger-relief-centres/

Four | Financial Assistance to Auto Drivers

Auto, e-rickshaw, cab, taxis, Grameen Sewa, Fatfat Sewa and other such paratransit drivers are the lifeline of Delhi’s transport. The lockdown impacted their source of livelihood in the city. To support them, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal has launched a one-time financial assistance of Rs 5000 to all such drivers in Delhi.

Link: http://pucc.delhi.gov.in/cvfa/

Five | Free Online Consultation of Doctors

With Coronavirus spreading in the city, there was a drastic fall in the number of daily patients in OPDs, Mohalla Clinics etc in Delhi. Patients suffering from non – COVID related issues stopped visiting hospitals and dispensaries which in a few cases worsened their medical condition. In light of this, the Delhi government has collaborated with the CallDoc app to provide free consultation to people right at their home. Patients can book an appointment through the app and receive medical consultation based on their need.

Link: https://delhifightscorona.in/consult-a-doctor-online-or-over-phone/

Six | Social Distancing E-coupons for Liquor Purchase

With the Red Zone relaxation norms announced by the Government of India, liquor stores in Delhi have been opened. However, due to overcrowding at the stores there is a risk of violation of social distancing norms leading to spreading of the Coronavirus. To tackle this, the Delhi government through its online portal has started issuing e-tokens to individuals. The e-token mentions the date, time and the liquor shop from where people can purchase liquor and at what time.

Link: https://www.qtoken.in/